About Us

Our Philosophy

Provide our customers with a quality installation because they deserve to get what they paid for and we believe quality is everything.

Our Story

We are a family owned and operated flooring installation company. We started in the flooring industry as teenagers in the 80s. In 1999 we started our own flooring installation company. As our children grew we started teaching them the basics and today our son works with us to make the perfect team.

Meet the Team


Founder & Flooring Tech

Jeff began learning flooring at the age of 14 from his uncle, went out on his own five years later, and is still installing flooring today 35 years later.



Founder & Flooring Tech & Bookkeeper

Carla began selling flooring and managing a flooring store at the age of 17 and 13 years later at the age of 30 she went from selling flooring to installing flooring with Jeff.




Flooring Tech & Son

Frisco has been around flooring his entire life, started installing with his parents as a teenager, and has been doing it every since.